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FC Montreal Kick-Starts Its Offseason Workouts
Release: 11/23/2015
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Monday, November 23, 2015

After a short break after the end of the season, FC Montreal got back in the gym last week to begin its offseason training ahead of the 2016 season.

And when we say gym, we mean it literally.

FC Montreal Fitness Coach Yannick Girard took the club’s players to a kickboxing workout last Thursday at the Centre de Défense Expert in Montreal, where the players worked on kicking workout bags instead of soccer balls.

“The transition period is spread over five weeks, with a priority on strength training,” Girard told FC Montreal’s website. “What I’m interested in at the physical level is the strength training weeks where we can work on each player’s weaknesses. Then, we put them in situations where they work on those weaknesses in different ways, like in kickboxing.”

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According to Girard, the team’s players are also scheduled to train in sports like volleyball and basketball, engage in individual workouts and also Zumba, all of which are designed to help improve performance both physically and mentally when the players return to the soccer field.

“With volleyball and basketball, we can work on jumping and receptions,” Girard said. “Kickboxing is interesting for cardio and the strength, where you learn to control your movement to be stronger. Zumba is also a little bit of cardio, strength training in the lower body and coordination. The mental aspect is also interesting to me because players have to learn choreographies. We try to find exercises or movements similar to soccer for every activity we do.”
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